Monday, March 31, 2014


I'm not sure how to feel about this, but it's more disturbing than anything. It appears that a certain Red Wing shop has stolen the union label I created for this blog, put it on a Red Wing chambray shirt and is now offering it for sale.

Red Wing has a long and illustrious history, so my guess is that some two-bit, third-party Red Wing retailer, lacking any ounce of creativity, is pushing out this sorry excuse for a workshirt.


I came across your blog and I see that your blog have a logo that's same as my recently acquire Red wing chambray shirt. Do you know anything about this as I've not seen it anywhere ?  Thanks, Sam

Your shirt has the logo that I created by myself, from scratch. Whoever made that shirt took the logo from my site.

Looks like the Research and Development Department of this shop is run by the owner's fiver-year-old kid. Could the owner be the author of this e-mail?

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  1. Shameful! Please keep us updated on anything about this.