Thursday, February 27, 2014



Have really enjoyed your blog. Just wondering, in your opinion, what are the best engineer boots available at the moment?

All the best and thanks for your help.


Hi Dom,

Thanks for the e-mail.

That really is a loaded question. I own a ton of Engineer Boots and each pair possess certain characteristics that appeal to me. Those familiar with my blog may be aware that I stand by the Mister Freedom and John Lofgren Engineer boots, so I can't just pick one since, stylistically; they bear different qualities I look for.

I'm going on close to twenty-three years of collecting Vintage Engineer Boots and these two models have made it VERY, VERY easy for me to let go of my original pieces. From the incredible 1930's/1940's style of the Road Champs to the marvelous midcentury appeal of the Lofgren's, you won't find more aesthetically pleasing and better built boots. Depending on the era that catches your fancy, you can't go wrong with either brands.

I hope this helps.


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