Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking you for advice but I am new to engineer boots .. I would love some road champs but have missed the boat and am on a waiting list for the next batch (maybe another 12 months). To tide me over I've found a pair of red wings 2268 pt 83 (tea colour) that have been resoled in japan. The bloke selling them wants us$400 including shipping. Is this a good price? 

Thanks! Julia

Hi Julia,

Sorry to hear you missed out on the Road Champs. I'm constantly recommending folks jump at the opportunity whenever the shop receives a new shipment.

I wouldn't mind taking those 2268's home for four bills, especially if the resole work is on par with that of Okuyama. Also, a PT83 model with the toe tracks and a nice brown ("tea core") patina, as pictured below, would be ideal. For that, I recommend snatching them up.

Hope this helps.


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