Tuesday, October 8, 2013



I just took delivery on a new pair of White's Nomads, and they turned out great. I realize my build don't usually fit the 40's style of your blog, but I thought this pair was worth sharing.

I went a little more traditional this time with black smooth 8oz leather, Vibram composition half soles, double midsoles, and Quabaug heels. Since the Quabaug heels are significantly thinner than the Vibram composition heels on my Wescos, I had White's add an extra heel lift. The taller leather heel ended up giving it a little more vintage look. It also made the heels the same height as the heels on my standard lug soled Nomads. I included some pictures to show comparisons of the heel height to various boots.

Thanks again for maintaining your blog - it continues to be a source of useful information and an interesting read. 



I ordered this pair on July 2nd, 2013 and they were delivered September 19th, 2013. That makes it just over two and a half months. 

Jim, thanks for the great e-mail and super photo description!  You definitely captured the spirit of early American Engineer Boots.  It's this type of information that affords fellow collectors the opportunity to create future classics. 

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