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The last major change to the U.S. Marine Corps uniform standards was the transition from the Battle Dress Uniform shared by all American services to the current Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (digital pattern made its official debut in 2002).  During the development phase in the late 1990's, Marines were asked to vote on various designs for a new utility uniform unique to Marines.  An undesirable characteristic from one of the designs that sticks to mind had removable sleeves.  Now, I didn't bother participating in the voting process back then, but with the current proposed change to standardize one dress and one service cap for all Marines, both male and female, I'm all in.

This is definitely a monumental change - for me at least - since the proposed change will take us back to a cover design worn by Marines from 1904 through 1918 (it's shape dates back to 1897).
The proposed "Dan Daly" cap (left) and today's dress cap 

Needless to say, I voted for the "Dan Daly," however, other Marines in my office didn't share my excitement.  Consolidated votes throughout the Corps are due to the uniform board very soon, so I'll be anxiously awaiting the final results.

Sergeant Major Dan Daly

Service Cap (top), Dress Cap (bottom)

John A. Lejeune (l) and Smedley D. Butler (r) sharing a smoke, circa WWI 

Some time toward the end of WWI the Marine Corps underwent another uniform change. What we see here is Brigadier General Lejeune wearing the "winter field cap" and Brigadier General Butler wearing the newer version, perhaps before the official transition deadline (Marine Corps Order). This is very typical - before the complete/official transition to the new digital MARPAT at the end of 2004, Marines were wearing both old and new designs with both black or desert boots. 

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