Sunday, August 25, 2013


The only pair worth taking away from this past week are these no-name boots that sold at a best offer from an initial listing of $995. Described as being horsehide from the 1940's, I hope the buyer didn't pay too much for these circa 1970's/1980's split cowhide leather Engineer Boots.  Their characteristics remind me of something between Brahma and Carolina Engineer Boots from this period.

Another thing I've noticed recently is that a lot of not-so-vintage Vintage Engineer Boots have starting bids of about $900. Don't let patina, half-soles and Cat's Paw heels coerce you into spending good, hard-earned money. These boots appear to have had period Cobbler work.

Allow me to mention that I don't believe this or any seller purposely mislead potential buyers. Like anyone else, we do research based on past sales and try to make that correlation - if it looks like another pair of boots that sold for good money, then it may very well sell for the same thing, right? It behooves any collector to be smart on the subject - and the main reason why I've archived so many types of boots on this blog over the years - in order to ensure the right choice is being made.

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