Saturday, August 17, 2013


"This week in boots" will archive Engineer Boots that have sold in the past week.  Unlike my other archiving initiatives, these boots aren't necessarily the best of the best, but rather notable auctions that we can learn something from.  Due to the incredibly underwhelming offerings lately, this series may not be available every week.

Kudos to this seller who recognized these boots as a later model (1960's) even though most sellers would have offered these as "1940's," "1950's," "Horsehide," and every other misleading description.  Keep in mind that these could even be from as late as early 1980's.  Not a bad deal at $399.

Possibly Brahma brand, these 1980's Engineer Boots are worth no more than a bill ... in NOS condition. The only thing worth mentioning about these advertised-as-"1950's" boots are the neat stud/jewel work. Sold for $199.  

I understand there's not much of a following for this tall style, but these 1940's / early 1950's Vintage Engineer Boots are worth every bit of the $499 they sold for. 

This brand surfaces every now and then (see the last pair that I archived under my Engineer Boot Lexicon series) and have a nice vintage vibe.  These sold for $300.  I wouldn't hesitate to drop $200-$250 for them the next time they are available in my size.  

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