Monday, August 5, 2013


I've received quite a few e-mails from folks interested in purchasing the John Lofgren & Co. Engineer Boots and almost all of them requested updated photos of mine for inspiration, so here are my black CXL and cognac Badalassi's from last night.  My brown pair are at work, so I'll post those up at a later time.


My black pair obviously get the most wear and the patina coming through the CXL is just amazing.  I wear all my boots pretty hard and as you can see, this leather can withstand it

Some might say I should condition the leather, but I say to hell with it-Engineer Boots were made to take a beating. As much as I'd like to treat this pair with Pecards, I just can't get myself to interfere with the wear and tear I've put it through so far. 

This is all natural darkening of the Badalassi leather. I'm sure it'll become even more rich with some treatment.

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