Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've been running my Engineer Boot Lexicon series since 2010 and thought it might be useful to roll all the parts up in one page.  Now the series can be located through a link at the top of the VEB page for easy access.

Part I - Grades of Boot/Shoe Leather from the 1946 S/S Montgomery Wards catalog

Part II - Type of sole construction  from the 1946 S/S Montgomery Wards catalog

Part III - Engineer Boots

Part IV - Rancher" style

Part V - Campus Boots

Part VI - Red Band

Part VII - Hurd Shoe Company

Part VIII - Bronson

Part IX - The Hydro Shoe

Part X - Pistol Chain

Part XI - Karl Kuemmerling 

Part XII - Baldwin 


Part XIV - Von Lengerke & Antoine 

Part XV - Hot Rod Boots (Yes, this real)

Part XVI - Weinbrenner

Part XVII - Chippewa 4363

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