Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hi, John,

I was curious if you have any tips/proper methods for sanitizing used vintage engineer boots?


Hi Vic, 

I absolutely recommend sanitizing any vintage footwear in order to rid them of orders and, more importantly, to avoid unwanted fungal issues.  

My methods include using a tried and tested formula of either Tinactin Deodorant Powder Spray, Gold Bond Maximum Strength Foot Powder / Foot Spray (blue bottle) or Lysol Disinfectant Spray.

Over the past twenty-two years of collecting Vintage Engineer Boots, I've used at least one of the aforementioned products.  Simply spray a liberal amount of either product on the inside of your boots/shoes from toe to heel ... and up the boot shaft and allow to dry under the sun.  For those items requiring extra attention repeat a couple/few more times.  And for added protections, I would pour some foot powder on the outside/and around my boot socks when I don the boots.  I would only do this for a couple/few days.  That's it.

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