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I have been saving up while thinking of buying a custom pair of Wesco Boss Engineer boots. My idea is to have them built with 705 vibram soles and white outsole stitching along with a Patrol toe in order to get that "classic" look. I'm actually wondering how much better a boot made using a "custom foot measure" form would fit. As far as I can tell, my 8.5D Chippewa boots fit fine.

Do you have any experience with Wesco Engineer boots? How good is the fit (particularly the heel) compared to other Engineer boots? 


Hi J, 

I'm firmly against using the custom measurement option. I used this option when I purchased my White's Semi-Dress boots and they sent me a size 8D - a half size larger in the fit department. I was already going to order a 7 1/2D, but thought custom measuring was going to give me the best fit money could pay for. The next time I order a pair of Whites, through Bakers Shoes, it'll be a 7.5D.

I purchased a used pair of WESCO Boss boots in 8D and they fit well with a little wiggle room - nothing a sport shoe insert couldn't easily fix. I wear a size 8 in modern Chippewa Engineer Boots and they fit fine as well.

If you're talkin' about heel slippage, that is a common characteristic with this style of footwear. I almost always have to punch another hole or two to the instep strap.

Hope this helps.

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