Monday, March 4, 2013


Brand: Attractions Co., Ltd.
Model: Two Tone Roper Boots
Colors: Black/Off White and Burgundy/Off White
Sizes: 6-10 (full and half sizes), 11 full size.  All in D width
Soles: Leather
Heels: No brand rubber lift
Leather: Horween Chromexcel with Cowhide shafts
Hardware: Brass
Price: ¥58,000

This style isn't everyone's cup-o-tea, but I'm a huge fan.  These were originally produced for children  but it's obvious they were meant for those who can appreciate a nice pair of boots - the overall silhouette on these boots are pretty damn bad ass

I've lusted over the black pair since they were first released, but haven't had any luck with getting in touch with the Cats at Attractions

Last year's models

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