Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Brand: WESCO?
Circa: Possible 1950's
Color: Black
Size: "9 - 9 1/2"
Length: 11"
Width: 4 1/2"
Height:  11"
Soles: Composition half-sole
Heels: Cat's Paw
Leather: Unknown
Hardware: Nickel
Sold For: $511.01 / 12 Bids
Seller: wellgolf

Every detail on these boots lead me to believe they are vintage WESCO ... possibly from as early as the 1950's.  It's hard to really tell, though, since they are absent of any markings.  From the signature rounded crown and sharp curve of the vamp to the round strap ends and other details to include the dramatic tapered toe box and the stitching on the backstay, this may very well be the model to the original "Narrow" boots made famous in Japan.

These Vintage Engineer Boots bear the characteristics of a top-shelf contender. I would've been happy to pull 'em in for about a grand ... twelve, tops, in this condition.
Original 1950's catalog ad (left)

Period resole with somewhat modern re-heel

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