Friday, February 8, 2013


Be sure to check out a true artisan and master of custom-made rings at this year's Inspiration.

Update: Today and tomorrow - $50 off all purchases and orders at the booth
  • Who: Innis Lawrence of "Fine Light Trading"    
  • What: Inspiration Vol.4 Upgrade!
  • Where: Booth B9 at the Spruce Goose Dome (next to Queen Mary Hotel)
  • When: 8-9 February 2013
  • Why:  Unless you live in Brooklyn, when are you going to have the opportunity to pick his brain on a personalized ring that'll last a lifetime? The authenticity of his rings as compared to any original is so indistinct that I'm a true fan.
Director Ruben Pacheco captures the making of these amazing handmade rings.

Here are just a few of this gentleman's KILLER creations.  Check out his blog for more

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