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I've been visiting your blog for a couple years and I'm always inspired by the photos, commentary, and of course the vintage engineer boots. I was married in October and before the wedding I decided to order my second pair of custom Wesco Boss boots. I drew a lot of my influence from boots featured on your blog and other VEB followers who have had custom Wesco builds. My order just arrived in the mail today and I wanted to share with you the results.

These boots are 11" built with brown leather all around, and no lining. I requested the #mp1339 last with double mid-soles and a #705 Vibram sole. The edges are dyed brown. The top strap is 2" longer than standard and the instep strap is 3" longer than standard. The uppers have lightweight brown stitching and the outsole stitching is white. To top it off I asked Wesco to swap out their buckles with a pair of brass Okuyama buckles that I provided.

Pete at Wesco was a big help and emailed with me back and forth several times to help me achieve the look and fit of the boot I was hoping to receive. Overall I am very pleased with this build and the fit is great right off the bat. My previous Boss boots were built with the same custom measurements but are not nearly as comfortable as these are right out of the box. When the boots were delivered today my wife was not surprised to see that I had purchased myself a wedding gift. Thanks for your influence and vast knowledge of quality engineer boots.

All the best,

Brand: WESCO
Height: 11"
Last: Motor Patrol #MP1339
Soles: Double mid-sole with #705 Vibram
Heels: Vibram
Edge: Brown
  Instep: 3" Longer
  Top: 2" Longer
  Uppers: Lightweight brown
  Welt: White
Hardware: Okuyama buckles


The boots are spectacular! As you know, that's what my blog was founded on - sharing information for like-minded folks. Thanks and congrats on the new purchase!

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