Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi, I want to thank you for putting together your website / blog – the info in it saved a pair of 1940’s Chippewas from the garbage or from going to the goodwill. My neighbor bought a house and I was helping him sell the appliances on craigslist as he wanted throw everything in a dumpster. Among the junk in the garage was a half bottle of Windex, a plunger, some paint cans and an old pair of boots. He was going to toss them but he thought it would be funny to tell me “sell these!!” instead I took them and put them in my goodwill pile. A couple of days later I dug them out thinking I should at least see if there were any on ebay. Looking at ebay and then around the web I found your site and I realized I should have them shined up and auctioned off. The boots sold last night for $3,383...

Thank you again on behalf of my neighbor ... 


First off, congrats on the sale.  I've had a ton of people tell me that my blog helped them out, but nothing like this sweet story.  A little effort goes a long way.  

Brand: Chippewa
Circa: Late 1950's / Early 1960's (learn more on a series of posts explaining the age of Chippewa boots)
Color: Black
Size: 10 1/2D
Length: 11 7/8"
Width: 4 1/4"
Soles: Full Composition Neoprene, Chippewa Brand
Leather: Oil-Tanned Cowhide (Chippewa's were NEVER made with Horsehide)
Hardware: Nickel
Sold For: $3,383.33 / 13 bids
Seller: odgeinc

Late 1950's / Early 1960's (Learn why in upcoming posts)

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