Friday, December 21, 2012


Of course beauty (and worth) is in the eye of beholder, but the intent of this post is to provide my opinion on what these boots should have sold for.

This is a pair of decent entry level Vintage Engineer Boots - Flat toe box... nice patina ... but the heels would have to be recapped soon after purchase and the owner would eventually get tired of his trousers ALWAYS gettin' caught up in the low shaft.  I'd place 'em no earlier than late 1950's upwards to at least late 1960's.  The interesting thing is that they were advertised as "Vintage Motorcycle Bike Engineer Harness Riding Boots / buco / schott / 30's /40's/50's."  Buco's, they are the furthest things from and Schott NEVER made Engineer Boots.

I'd appraise these at $250-$350.  The $600 ending price is a bit over the top for boots of this caliber.

I'm not sure the seller of this pair knew the gem that he/she possessed.  Using the above sellers exact key words for the title of this auction, "vintage engineer boots/buco/schott/30's/40's/50's," and no description, these should have sold for at least twice as much as the $300 ending price.  These pre-WWII sporting boots are far more desirable in my book with the one piece vamp/heel counter and Horsehide leather.  Again, these are not Buco and definitely not a Schott jacket.

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