Saturday, December 1, 2012


From time to time, I'll post active Engineer Boot auctions that catch my eye. These aren't my auctions, nor do I know the sellers. I just think some Vintage Engineer Boots need a little more public attention. This particular pair of Engineer Boots is one of them.

If you're lookin' for a pair of Vintage Engineer Boots worth buying, you may want to consider these. Although they are unmarked, I believe they could be a pair of vintage WESCO Engineer Boots.  The design of the vamp in relation to how they marry up to the heel counter, the rounded strap ends  and the overall profile are all strong characteristics of the WESCO brand.  WESCO or not, these boots are definitely worth pickin' up.

Brand: Unknown
Circa: Later 1940's / Early 1950's
Color: Brown
Size: "10 1/2 - 11"
Soles: Unknown (not pictured)
Heels: Unknown (not pictured)
Leather: Appear to be Horsehide
Hardware: Nickel
Sold for: $1,825 / 19 Bids

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