Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Some may have witnessed the rash of auctioneers offering Engineer Boots with even the slightest semblance of being vintage with prices through the roof. The preponderance of 'em are circa 1960's through 1980's with prices reflecting that of NOS 1930's one-of-a-kinds. The reality is that less than one percent of them are worth that hard-earned half-month's pay.

Case in point are these original 1950's Buco Engineer Boots auctioned off by wearekoalas. I was approached by this seasoned auctioneer to help educate him on his amazing find and I provided some information as well as my idea of what they are worth.  I wasn't too far off from the final selling price - if this were the Price is Right, I'd have been close to winning both showcases.

To me, these Buco's and the previously posted Santa Rosa's are the caliber of Vintage Engineer Boots that deserve the transaction of this much money.

Brand: Joseph Buegeleisen Co. (BUCO)
Model: 4031
Circa: 1950's 
Color: Black 
Size: 10D
Length: 12 1/4"
Height: 4 1/2"
Soles/Heels: Weatherized Leather
Leather: Elk
Hardware: Brass
Original Price: $14.50 (1950's) / $120.00 (2012)
Sold for: $1,750 / 1 Bid

Notice the mismatched gussets

Logger Heels

Weatherized Soles

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