Friday, October 26, 2012


There's been a ton of activity lately in the fun and exciting world that we all know as Mister Freedom®. Since there doesn't appear to be any loss of momentum during the season that boasts yet more amazingly unique pieces, I'll consider this post a visual "Men of the Frontier" roll-up ... of dry goods.

Mister freedom® MFSC Fall 2012

Part 1: The "Frontier Chinos"
Part 2: The "Faro Waistcoat"
Part 3: The "Faro Sack Coat"
For more great shots, check out Mr. Loiron's Tumblr

Part 4: The "Reno Shirt"

Part 5: The "Drover Blouse" NOS Stock Denim and NOS Blanket

Part 6:  The "Buckaroos Waist Overalls" Made in California, USA

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