Thursday, October 11, 2012


I can't stress enough how amazing the Lofgren boots are in person.  With over twenty years of collecting Engineer Boots - both vintage and modern - I've never come across a pair that fit, feel  and look the way these do.  I am so captivated by these boots that I am the owner of a pair in brown and black.

With the success of these boots comes more distinction ... with the collaboration using leather from one of Italy's most revered  leather tannery / manufacturers, Badalassi Carlo S.R.L. Its artistic leather is made using a traditional manufacturing method that has been inherited for many, many years. This traditional leather making process takes many months using tanning oil from chestnut trees and from cows. The unique properties of this leather include smooth grains on the surface and the strength made by fibers that are crammed together. The aging process is fast and has unique characteristics - The more you use it, the more luminous and fabulous it becomes.

If you're having a heckuva time finding that perfectly unique gift for the hard-to-please significant other or someone who has everything, this rare gem is just the piece that'll make you shine.

Pre-Orders are now being accepted until 21 October 2012.  The final order will be forwarded to the factory on 22 October ... there's no guarantee after this, so act fast as this is a small window of opportunity   Delivery is expected in late December / Early January - just in time for the holidays!


Price:  ¥84,900

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