Saturday, August 11, 2012


Here's another version of a vintage Buco Saf-T-Flash No. 831 belt as found in their 1950's catalogs. As usual, it's completely handcrafted with finished edges for that extra attention-to-detail.  I made this one especially long for those wishing to use it on their vintage Buco J-23 / J-24 Horsehide motorcycle jacket.

Leather: 8-9 Ounce Cowhide
Color: Black
Size: 39 (holes range from 37-41)
Width: Just under 1 3/4"
Hardware: Nickel Buckle, Nickel Studs, Amber Reflectors with Nickel rings
Condition: Newly Handcrafted, Unused - hand dyed, hand cut, hand studded, hand finished
Price: $85 (Free U.S. Shipping)
Payment: PayPal

Original 1950's ad with an added personal touch

The reflectors are definitely functional

Here are the red and amber belts in a side-by-side comparison - both still available.

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