Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Size: 8.5D
Length: 11 1/4"
Width: 4 1/4"
Height: 8"
Soles/Heel: Neolite/Looks to be Vulcan
Leather: Oil-Tanned Cowhide
Hardware: Nickel
Sold For: $499.99 BIN

The only appealing characteristics these boots have going for them are the flattened toe boxes.  Otherwise, the selling price is a bit steep.  If these were a size 8, I'd be willing to pay no more than $250.

They were nabbed almost immediately - hopefully, the wide-eyed buyer isn't disappointed.  This is what happens when there are prolonged periods of substandard Vintage Engineer Boots being offered; you tend to snag up the first decent-looking pair.  I know...I've done this quite a bit over the years.