Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi, First of all I would like to extend my appreciation for your wonderful blog that led me into the world of engineer boots. I first visited a few months ago and have returned daily since, as well as browsed through the huge volume of previous entries. This seems to be the best source on the interwebs for engineer boot pics and info. Truly great stuff! Well, enough with the praise for now, and on to business.

I went on to buy my first ever pair of engineer boots the other day and decided on a pair of slightly worn Frye 8R, although i actually thought I bought the 12r, which has a taller shaft. I noticed that "Kellie" had a bad experience with the Frye 8R, and would like to contribute with a review of my own. First of all, I would just like to comment that the picture in your blog where you help Kellie find another pair of boots more to her liking you (as well as the seller whom I bought my Fryes from) used a picture of the 12R instead of the 8R. I have attached some pictures of them as to give a feeling for the boots.

Despite my feet being quiet picky and seldom accepting any footwear other then ugly-but-comfy sneekers these wear almost like a dream. Several people online have had problems getting their feet into them without upsizing, but I choose my usual size and managed to slide right in there. Wear "almost like slippers" (although a bit of blistering is mandatory), and they are not even broken in yet. These are my first, but certainly not my last, engineer boots. For me they are a nice first, as the shorter shaft makes them rather easy to get used to. I like the look of taller boots more (and will probably go for some for my next purchase), although I think they might take a bit longer getting used.  -M