Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello! I love your blog, so I would really value your opinion: I'm looking to purchase a pair of engineer boots, but I'm not sure if I should place an order with Mr Freedom, or give John from Speedway a go when preorders are available for the boots he's preparing. I'm also not sure if I would prefer the horween leather he's offering, or the limited horsehide option... assuming I went with John rather than Mr Freedom. I'm also not clear on the sizing, my main source of comparison are the Red Wing's Gentleman's Travelers or the 1000 Mile Wolverine boots. The two things I do know I'd like the boots to be black, and I only want to buy one pair.

Any opinions you have would be greatly appreciated!  
Thanks,  Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the question and kind words.

I've been asked to compare the Mister Freedom® Road Champs on a number of occasions and my first response is always, "what style are you going after?"

Sure both are Engineer Boots, but your options have two very distinct looks. The upcoming John Lofgren & Company Engineer Boots are amazing and have characteristics of highly desired boots from the 1950's with a side order of Horween and (limited run) Horsehide leather. The RC's, on the other hand, are like chameleons not only in their unique, ever-changing hue of the leather, but in that they can pretty much be dialed into a number of styles and can claim boot characteristics from the 1930's to the 1950's.

If you are dead set on the color black then the choice is clear. The first run RC's were offered with a black hue, but faded to brown over time due to the exclusive leather coloring process used. It wouldn't hurt to call John or Jordan at Mister Freedom, though, to find out the possibility of there being a first run tucked away somewhere. If you're in the SoCal area, a trip to the shop will definitely be worth a go to get the feel and look of the RC's.

With regard to sizing, I normally wear a US size 8 in most boots. In the Red Wing 2268 world, however, I wear a size 7 1/2. It's been mentioned that 1000 milers can range between a half to full size larger making them comparable to 2268's (for me). That said, Mr. Lofgren told me his boots will have a fit similar to the 2268. My RC's are 7 1/2 and they fit me perfect.

I understand you're looking to get only one pair, but I like to compare Engineer Boots to tattoos...or potato chips - you can't just have one and be satisfied with it.

Not sure my ramblings are going to help you, but because I am a fan of both pairs and respect both gentlemen behind the boots, I wanted to keep my opinion as unbiased as possible.