Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I completed two more projects over this long weekend and couldn't more happy with them.

Three ounce vegetable tanned cowhide and pigskin card slots/gussets

Custom Okuyama Engineer Boot buckle 

I learned from the large version that it is a burden having to unbuckle the strap at the checkout counter every time, so I added a button closure.

Four card slots, two miscellaneous card wallets and gusseted coin pocket

Quick access to my military ID 

I picked up the buckle at auction without realizing the size (2 inch strap) and was pretty much forced to build a belt around it. I ended up using 3/4 ounce Horween Chromexcel Horsehide that I hand dyed, punched and cut. 

Hand Stitched 

This belt is screaming for me to stud it up, but I really like how it looks at the moment.  Because it's a two inch belt, it'll take a large amount of studding and applique - I can't wait!!

Hand stamped 

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