Saturday, April 14, 2012


I gotta say that your blog inspires me a lot in the fields of engineer boots. Now it's my turn to give some feedback :-) I would like to share some fresh photos of the Viberg Engineer that I just got earlier this week.

The order options are as below:

Last: #83 Engineer last
Size: 13D
Height: 11"
Leather: Horween Black Chromexcel
Top: brown leather roll-up and gussets
Sole: double leather soles with cat's Paw heels
Toe: no toe reinforcement
Edge: brown-painted soles and heel bases
Hardware: all roller buckles (provided on my own)
Instep Strap: 1" longer

Here are some of my opinions on these boots. Last: I am really surprised that the #83 Engineer lasts look so much nicer than I expected. They look very like the WESCO Narrow Engineer. If someone is looking for the vintage-inspired toe shape like the WESCO Narrow Engineer, try the Viberg #83 last, which won't disappoint you. Before choosing #83, I'd been thinking to use #2030 which also have a lower and sharper toe profile. However, one concern is that the boots built on #2030 last have lower heels. Knowing my needs, Calvin, the authorized dealer of Viberg Boots in Taiwan, recommended me to use the #83 lasts and the result is very satisfying.

Leather: I've become a fan of Horween's Chromexcel leather since I got the RRL Studded Engineer. I am sure they will age very well in the future, especially when the brown color comes out with usage. One thing I need to mention is that the Chromexel on my Viberg Engineer is much softer than the one used by RRL, making the Viberg Enginner very easy to wear and no need to break in.

Hardware: As a fan of, how can I miss the roller buckles? I provided the nickel roller buckles on my own to Viberg Boots as they don't offer roller buckles as an order option.

Cat's Paw heels and leather soles: Classic. What else can I say? (BTW, I really like the way Viberg seals the stitches on the leather soles with wax)

Soft Toe: There is no toe reinforcement so that the toes look lower and flatter; it is the way I like it to be.

Instep straps: I chose to make them 1" longer for a more vintage-look-like style. I'll need to punch one more hole on the straps for tighter fit.

To sum up, I am very satisfied with my Viberg Engineer as they are pretty much close to the ideal engineer boots in my mind. Only one thing I would like to complain about - the long production time - I waited four months for these boots. It is said that the current production time is about six months as Viberg is moving from the current site to a bigger place.

At last, thank you very much for offering us so much information and knowledge in the fascinating engineer boots world. My Viberg Engineer would never be what they are today without your blog.


Lin, your comprehensive and super informative review is just what this blog is about. I've said it time and time again that I initially intended for this blog to be my own personal archive for my love of these boots, but it's apparent that there are many out there that share the same interest.

Every detail you've selected are on par with what I would have chosen for my own custom pair. Wear them proudly as you own one of the coolest pairs of Viberg Engineer Boots I've seen. There's no doubt this post will inspire a lot of fans to consider pulling the trigger on having a pair commissioned with similar (if not exact) details.

Thank you for your contribution towards maintaining the spirit of this blog.