Thursday, April 5, 2012


I follow your blog everyday. Great work! I was wondering, price being no object do you prefer the real mcoys horsehide bucos or the mr freedom road champs? -Karl

Thanks! Well, to me it's like comparing apples and oranges. The RC's have a more classic attractive 1930s/1940s profile,whereas the Buco's have everything you could dream of in a traditional 1950s Engineer boot.

To me, the RCs are in a class of their own and you never know when MF will stop making them...collectors items, for sure. Between my Real McCoy Buco's and Toys McCoy Becks, I choose my Becks because of the lower vamp profile and the double tanning. My Buco model is the kind where it is dyed black all the way through with no brown/natural edge. I mention this because the new (and older) model Buco's are built on my Becks last and dyed the same way...only real difference is the toe track on the Buco's. They are both built like tanks with the horsehide.

I'm always reaching for my RCs where my Buco and Becks are good to look at in the closet.

Bottom line...I'm going to buy another pair of RCs before they disappear and am content with my McCoys. I love how the brown leather changes color from dark to light and then dark again when oiled.

Hope my babbling makes sense. It really depends on what style your going for.

Thanks for all the useful info. I was leaning towards the RCs myself especially after trying them on in the store last month. Unfortunately they only have one slightly above my size. 3rd on the list though for size 9's. -Karl