Sunday, April 1, 2012


First off, I'm a huge fan of your blog. It's been a great resource for looking up brands and styles of engineers. I recently purchased a pair of Frye's Rogan Engineers and I'm really loving them. After combing your blog I have decided to save up and get some redwings next.

I wear my engineers everyday and I realized the regular white tube socks I wear , aren't really going to cut it with these awesome boots. So my question for you is, what type of socks do you wear with your engineers? I did some research and bought a pair of wigwams socks. I was hoping to find something that wouldn't slip down, but the wigwams were not cutting it. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks! And thanks for all the hard work you do defending this country!

Stay safe,

 I've been wearing Wigwams for about six years now and am super happy with them. I don't know that the ones I have are available anymore as these are not stretchy by any means, which means they definitely stay up. I bought about thirty of them from Brigade Quartermaster for about $14 a pop back in 2006 prior to my Iraq deployment and are no longer available on the site. Some are hard to don and doff, perhaps due to the industrial dryers used by the contractors in Iraq - the first time I turned the socks in for washing, some came back feeling as if portions of the material slightly melted. To this very day, there is no signs of thinning in the heel area...or anywhere for that matter.

 Being in the military, all I own are boot socks, however, not all of them are good for Engineers. Another pair I like are the Thorlo combat boot socks sold on base. They are almost knee high and stretchy, but because they do stay up.

My Wigwam's are similar to the ones below, however, mine don't have the ribbed portion in the forefoot and ankle area.

These over-the-calf boots are also in my rotation.