Friday, April 20, 2012

THE BADDEST PAIR OF VINTAGE ENGINEER BOOTS appear on eBay in a very, very long time.

Brand: Sears Roebuck and Co.
Model: Wearmaster Western Made
Circa: 1940's
Color: Brown
Size: "8 - 8 1/2"
Length: 11 7/8"
Width: 4 3/8"
Soles: Panco Half Sole
Leather: Horsehide
Hardware: Brass

Needless to say these didn't last long on the auction block.  The starting bid was $299, but was ended early.    If party-store accepted anything less than $1,000 for these, then they've been had.

These boots were made to last!  Based on the model these were workwear boots intended for use on the ranch, so the Woodsman heels and the tight and low toe profile make good sense.  The dramatic curve of the upper vamp are unlike anything seen on your typical Vintage Engineer Boots and the almost horizontal instep straps are akin to vintage Knapp Engineer Boots.

Not much more I can say about these amazing Horsehide Engineer Boots that the pictures haven't already screamed.  These are the boots one expects to see in vintage photos and old flicks.

They were used, but well preserved and should easily bring in, in my minds eye, $1,400-$1,500...much more in the overseas market.