Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There's a new competitor in the world of custom Engineer Boots.

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Red Dog 
Leather: Cowhide (Smooth or Rough Out) 
Soles: Vibram #100, #430, #700, #705 (half sole) 
 Midsole: Single or Double 
Heel Base: Standard, 90 Degree (blocked), Ranch Packer
Hardware:  Roller Buckles
Starting Price: $419.00

No sooner had I found out about the new Engineer Boots from White's I received this e-mail from a fan:

White's previous offering was the Hawthorn Explorer "Open Road" Engineer Boot. In all honesty, the fit was lousy, and they didn't offer any customization, and you could have any color as long as it was black. I tried a pair on at White's store in Spokane last year, and was unimpressed. Even the guy who worked there urged against them and hinted that they were working on a new, improved Engineer boot.

"The new boots are called the "Nomad" and they sell for $419 through Baker Shoes. They just put them up on their website today.   They also sent me some nice pics of the final product, and I have attached them... I think Baker's started this project with White's, so they are the only vendor I am aware of that offers them right now (other than calling White's directly).

The standard boot has a Vibram 100 sole with a single midsole. They are leather lined in the vamp and come standard with a celastic toe. The toe is supposed to be a very similar profile to the WESCO Boss round toe. They also feature the White's "Arch Ease" arch support.

The website allows for some customization, but I think more options will be available if you ask. When I placed my order, I asked about the possibility of getting a double midsole with a Vibram #705 half sole, and they said it was no problem. If I like my first pair (and I'm pretty sure that I will), I will probably order a second pair in Red Dog with 705's and double mids - more of a vintage correct look.

I'm not too sure which are the actual production boots as the above and below photos are different - double or triple stitched heel counters and stitched or riveted upper straps...

I know my description sounds like an advertisement, but I am just really excited about these - I have been planning on ordering a pair of Nick's "Renegade"  engineer boots, but I have been hesitant because the price will be over $500 and I have had problems getting a good fit with them in the past. These White's should fit like about the same as a Smoke Jumper, and the base price of $420 is quite reasonable. Hopefully I'll have mine in 8 weeks and then I'll be able to review them properly.