Saturday, March 24, 2012


Brand: WESCO
Circa: Mid-2000
Color: Black
Size: 8E
Soles: Vibram #700 Composition
Heels: Vibram
  Horeshide Shaft, Straps, Heel Counter and Backstay
  Black Nautilus Vamp
Hardware/Markings: Nickel Non-Roller Buckles, 1940's label / Embossed Logo
Sold For: $999.00 / 17 Bids

Limited to a production of 200, these circa mid-2000 WESCO "Champion Boss" Engineer Boots originally sold for approximately $1,300.00 and didn't last too long on the shelves.  The auction ended at a decent price, but I would have opted for a less expensive custom pair with the seven week wait.

There is a pair of 8 1/2's currently on Yahoo Japan: