Monday, March 19, 2012


I've received tons of RFI's from Vintage Engineer Boot fans over the years and, while cleaning out my e-mail inbox, ran across a bunch of old ones that may be of some help to prospective first time and returning Engineer Boot buyers.

I'll post the e-mails as I continue to find them in this new "VEB Q&A" segment.  

This first one comes from Edwin.

Edwin:  "I’ve been admiring your blogs about engineer boots. I’m planning to buy a new red wing 2268, I called a couple of store here in Los Angeles, they said that its possible to get one in 2 weeks. I’m just wondering if it’s identical with the one in Japan and European country. I’m particular about the sole and the leather they used. Thank you so much and a response is greatly appreciated."

VEB:  "They are identical in style, however, Japan and UK have different color and height options. I've owned three pair of 2268's in the past and although I really like them, I couldn't get over the fact the soles/heels left black marks on my hardwood floor. Otherwise, they are great boots."

Edwin:  "I'm new in buying these boots, i have no idea which boots are more comfortable, and durable. I know its quite expensive that's why im considering the red wing. But what do you think is a better buy a sugar cane lone wolf or a mr. freedom roadchamp."

VEB:  "If this is your first time wearing Engineer Boots, here are some things to consider:

RED WING 2268 
PRO'S: Clasic 1950's style, stylish, durable
CON'S: Heavier than most Engineer Boots, marking soles/heels
CHARACTERISTICS: Chrome-tanned Cowhide, bulbous toes, large buckles, run 1/2 to full size larger

PRO'S: Classic 1930's/1940's original design, flat/low toe profile, stylish, durable, collectible, Cat's Paw heels
CON'S: Expensive, although I consider these to be highly collectible
CHARACTERISTICS: Soft Vegetable-tanned Cowhide, typically go down 1/2 size, but contact MF® to be sure, due to dying process, they continually change color making them that much more desirable

PRO'S: Classic 1950's style/profile, Cat's Paw half soles
CON'S: Can be expensive if ordering from Japan
CHARACTERISTICS: Vegetable-tanned, Aniline-dyed Cowhide, go down 1/2 size (I've been told)"