Saturday, March 10, 2012


"Karl Kuemmerling" (Boot No. 255)

These 17" Red Wing Engineer Boots for Karl Kuemmerling were offered up on eBay back in  mid-February and sold for $415.  The same seller offered an exact same pair, but a non-Red Wing version that sold for somewhere around $300+.  The buckles are secured relatively close to the heel counter which may look a little off, otherwise, these late 1960's-1980's engineer boots look pretty decent. Keep reading to find out how to obtain a new (non-Red Wing) pair for $65.00.

Notice how the company uses a vintage catalog photo from Red Wing's to advertise their boots. Sizes 6E and 8 1/2 E are still available on their site for $65.99 - not bad at all.  At this price, you can beat these to hell and not feel one ounce of guilt.

Click on photo for link to the website.