Thursday, February 9, 2012


...and Engineer Boots update.

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Brand: John Lofgren & Co.
Color: Black
Sample Size: 10
Height: 13"
Soles: Vibram #705 Half Sole with "8" Stitch
Heels: Vibram
Welt:  GoodyYear Storm Welt
Sample Leather: 2.3 - 2.6oz Horween Chromexcel
Hardware: Antique Brass
Price: TBD/A

I can't wait to get these boots on my feet!  Bear in mind that these are John's samples and due to the availability of certain materials, may slightly differ from the end product.  Either way, my name is definitely on the list and is a must-have for my collection.

Check out the awesome profile. 

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  1. I just repeated the whole "Double rainbow" monologue to myself...

    John Lofgren is a genious!