Wednesday, February 22, 2012


For his Spring 2012 collection, Christophe and the folks at Sugar Cane will undoubtedly wow us again with unique line that is sure to please.  Check out the full details of the The Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane Spring 2012: “MEN of the FRONTIER” Trading Post.

Check out the Blouse Chaparral and Range Vest on a previous post.

The best part of any Mister Freedom® line is regardless of its theme all articles are interchangeable.

The line will boast:

* The “Blouse Chaparral”, “Britches Chaparral” and “Range Vest”: Indigo and duck cotton linen canvas.
* The “Prairie Shirt”: Indigo selvedge light denim and madder calico printed cotton.
* The “Gun Slinger Jumper” and “Gun Slinger Pantaloons”: Indigo and Sand color selvedge denim twill.
* The “Trade Shirt”: Two Indigo calico discharge prints, “Apache” and “Pueblo”.
* Accessories, such as leather MF® ‘Strongman’ leather cuffs, MF® scarves…