Monday, January 16, 2012


Out of necessity...and a hankerin' to leathercraft, I used some extra leather to make a coin pouch for my stockpile of yen.

Unlike US coins, which I hate carrying around (or rather hate the noise they make in the pocket), it's hard not to carry yen coins as they come in denominations of 100 and 500.  Having said that, I traded in my ghetto mini zip lock bag I carried around for over two weeks and quickly stitched up what was initially intended as a coin pouch and ended up being a card wallet with a coin section.

My well used zip lock.

I find it hard not to use studs when dealing with leather.  The outer card wallet slot prevents having to constantly open the wallet since my military ID is used multiple times a day.  The flap slot was intended for my  dog tag-shaped room key, but it's totally unsafe and begs for me to lose my key.