Thursday, January 19, 2012


Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, that is.  This is the compulsive collecting of guitars.  According to the urban dictionary, it's "when you check out an awesome new guitar that you just HAVE to own, no matter what the cost."

No matter what the definition, this disorder can become costly.  I know.  I had GAS for a long while and now have a nice little stash of top shelf maple guit-fiddles.  Just when I thought I was rid of my GAS, T.K. Smith pulls me back in with his mastery in guitars. 

Some may know TK as the guitarist for the Smith's Ranch Boys, Bonebreak Syncopators and Big Sandy & and the Fly-Rite Trio.  Some may know him as the extremely talented Design & Fabricator, the guitar aficionado, or just the hot rodder. No matter what, I consider this gentleman the "jack of all trades...that are all things cool."

This is the reason why I am developing GAS again:

Pickups:  This is a work-in-progress - more progress than work as it's almost done with an anticipated release by summer.  TK crafted this to sound like a cross between his two favorite pickups, the "Charlie Christian" passive single coil and those used on the Stratosphere. 

Anyone who's had gas like I have has, one time or another, wanted a Gibson ES-150 like Charlie Christian.  This pickup is sure to create a sound that's outta this world. 

Any Bigsby guitar fan would love to own an inlayed pickguard.  These are all carefully handcrafted.  

Check out TK at work:

Kay Project with his custom maple neck and custom pickguard/armrest

Walnut Armrest - who hasn't wanted one of these for their Tele's?

I've always wanted a Tele, but have convinced myself that I have enough guitars laying around.  Well, I think I now have a bunch of reasons to pull the trigger.

Not guitar related, but HO-LEE cripes!!!


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  1. Ha ha ha Al Willis is french. Seems is not alone to catch this mysterious syndrome ? You right, how a guitarist could resist more than 2 seconds beyond the awesome TK Smith work ???

    Here a video of the last show i saw Al Willis on stage :


  2. Thanks for the link Olivia!!