Monday, December 5, 2011


Sadly, this is the final piece to the Mister Freedom® “American Sportswear” collection. And what a way to end the night than with the much anticipated Lot 44. 

Check out the rest of the collection as well as other masterpieces here.

"Same drill than the Ranch Blouse, we have selected some New Old Stock selvedge denim from our archives to make the Californian Lot.44

Cut and sew has been a challenge, as previously mentioned, but we are happy with the results. One “five pocket” pattern in about 35 different denim… 28” to 33” width old shuttle loom made selvedge denim, collected throughout years of warehouses digging. Origin Japan and USA. Click on scan below for approximate colors and selvedge IDs

The pattern of the Californian Lot.44 is very similar to that of the Californian Lot.54, with a few design modifications:

* Pattern: Original Mister Freedom® inspired by traditional 1950′s era blue jeans.
* Fabrics: The assorted New Old Stock selvedge denim limited edition is only available at the MF® Beverly Blvd location, and at “Bazar” (1108c Abbot Kinney Blvd.,Venice, CA 90291).
* Lot.44 vs. Lot.54 details: The Lot.44 has an added back cinch strap and longer inseam.
* Pocketing: 100% cotton NOS stripe ticking denim. Some bags are made with indigo/white plaid twill. Random.
* Fit: Based on the general silhouette/image of the “BRMC” blue jeans of the Wild Ones (1953). Traditional mid-rise, “tubular” silhouette legs, fit seat.
* Construction: All made in U.S.A. Five pockets style. Selvedge legs and button hole fly flap. Riveted back pockets with ‘zigzag flush’ stitching. Original “M” back pocket stitch design, securing inside all cotton twill backing.
* Stitching: All 100% cotton colour thread. We are using an original MF 12 types of gauge/colour combination thread for each pair of jeans. Main colours are Orange/Yellow, non colorfast.
* Trims: Original Mister Freedom casted combo metal fly buttons, steel back. Unmarked copper flat top rivetting.
* Labeling: Handmade original MF® debossed natural cowhide leather patch on right back pocket. Cheeze cloth size labeling stitched in rear part of waist band.
* Packaging: In the USA, the Californian Lot.44 comes in an old school cardboard box with original artwork. This sturdy box can be used for storage of small items, please re-use.
* Shrinkage: All fabrics are RAW and unwashed. Due to the assorted denim, shrinkage is all over the place. Please refer to chart below, where we shrink tested some of the jeans (cold soak for about 30mn, no agitation. Turned imside out and machine dryed for about 20mn, until 80% dried). Measurements are approximate.

Garment designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom® in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co (MFSC). Limited Edition.

The Mister Freedom® “CALIFORNIAN” Lot.44 is available RAW/unwashed.

Available tagged Sizes:
W30 × L34     W31 × L36     W32 × L36     W33 × L36    
W34 × L36     W36 × L36     W38 × L36
Retail $289.95

Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or mail or  get yours while they last.

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