Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1920's
Color: Brown
Length: 10 1/2"

Width: 3 3/4"
Leather: Elk

Soles: Fiber Paracord 
Heels: Rubber Endicott-Johnson Endwell
Hardware: Nickel
Condition:  Deadstock
Price:  Active auction with starting bid of $199.99 (Link
Seller: benjaminplastics

I try not to post active auctions, but I just can't help it when I run across one that really catches my attention.

These super early "Moc Toe" boots would normally, especially at this size, gain my attention for one second, but the below evidence is definitely worth a quick post.  They're interesting because eBay seller furvella is currently selling a 1925 Montgomery Ward & Co catalog that features these exacts boots. 

I'm not all too positive why I'm posting these active boots when I have a little interest in bidding, but the information is too good not to document here.  After all, I started this blog to provide myself reference material to support my obsession. 

Those aren't price tag staples.  They appear to serve some sort of function as they are featured on furvellas catalog photo.  I'm a fan of Engineer Boots with cut tops, but the pinked tops and staples on these boots kind of suggest a lower quality...perhaps? After all, they are boys' shoes. 

Nonetheless, they are a nice piece of boot history.