Thursday, November 3, 2011


Jillian absolutely loves having professional photographs taken of special occasions and milestones...or just for fun, so she came up with the idea of gifting a family portrait session for all the women in her family.  Naturally, she set up the shoot with our photographer of choice, Steph Fowler, based on the awesome work she did capturing our anniversary last year.

Since Steph showed up early, Jillian took the opportunity to have some photos of us and the "babies" taken.

I like to say I'm completely against having my photo taken, but after enduring so many sessions over the past twelve years, I guess I can live with it...especially when someone like Steph can make me look like someone with human qualities. 

This was our second time working with Steph and as happy as we are with her work, this definitely wasn't the last...