Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Brand: Chippewa
Circa: 1960's/1970's
Color: Black
Size: 6 1/2E
Length: 10.5"
Width: 4"
Leather: Oil Tanned Cowhide
Soles: Nitrene Oil Resistant
Heels: Vulcan Neoprene Oil Resistant
Hardware: Nickel, Steel Toe
Condition: Deadstock
Sold For: $980.00
Seller: Rack-a-Hula

The real take-aways from this post are the ANSI markings and heel/sole combination.  I featured a post explaining ANSI markings on Red Wing boots, so this one ties into that...especially since these are marking I have not yet run across.  As for the soles/heels, I've never seen this style used on Chippewa's before.  We've probably run across these a million times, however, but they were never recognizable due to wear...until now.  This post should assist in dating future Vintage Engineer Boots.