Thursday, October 27, 2011


It was announced on the Mister Freedom® Facebook page that Johnny Depp would be wearing his obvious clothing line of choice on the David Letterman show.  Sure enough, the Cry Baby actor appeared on the late night show decked out in the Gilet de Ville and Chemise Calico from the Mister Freedom® "Les Apaches" clothing line...and of course his Vintage Engineer Boots. 

Photos from around the world wide web

Seems like the folks from an online fashion site don't care too much for his fashion sense as they wrote, "Johnny rocked up for his appearance on The David Letterman Show to promote The Rum Diary wearing what can best be summed up as emo cowboy chic.

Let's take this outfit piece by piece: there's the (bursting) waistcoat, there's the bandana falling out of his pocket, there's the scuffed hat and boots, there's the pocket watch and there are the crumpled trousers. And perhaps most confusing is the colour coordinated blue nail varnish, shirt and those sunglasses."

I say go back to writing your "who wore it best" articles or whatever it is you do.

Looks like we now know who won this jacket on eBay back on 4 October for the sum of $550.  He seems to pull it off given the chest measurement of 46" 

At first site, it he appeared to be wearing the Le Pantalon Apache, but one look at the buckleback reveals otherwise.