Friday, September 2, 2011


I was cruisin' through one of my much-liked blogs, rivet-head, when I came across Matt's post on the new Texotica Guitar Amps.  These amps look and sound amazing!  It'd be a crime if I didn't help spread the word on the music world's newest addition of vintage-inspired amplifiers and guitars.


The Horton Brothers, Billy and Bobby, have launched their own custom line of amplifiers and guitars known as Texotica.  Texotica Amps is a Wyldwood, Texas-based amp manufacturer. Designed to have their own sound, Texotica amp designs are rooted in the glory days of American amps--the late 50's through the early 60's. Quality components are used throughout and we always try to use parts made in the USA where practical. We build and tolex our own pine cabinets. We also make all of our component boards and manufacture our own chassis. Each amp is painstakingly hand wired. The result is a classic amp designed to stand the test of time.

Check out their site

There are four models available:

Pair these amps up with your single-coil pickup guitars and you've got yourself the making a great vintage sound.

Here's the side-by-side fact sheet

Here is their Texotica prototype guitar with a 24.75" scale, completely custom built featuring their own Texotica Maple Top single coil pickups.

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