Sunday, August 7, 2011


As a senior enlisted Marine, my days are wrapped up in operations meetings where I come prepared with my iPad for note taking. 

For those times where I'm walking around and checking on the welfare of the Marines in my unit and I get pulled into an unexpected conference, which occurs more often than not, it helps to have something to take notes with. 

I purchased this little notepad in Iraq back in '08, so it's obvious that it doesn't get much use.  When I do need it; however, this little thing becomes my best friend.  I've carried it every single day since purchase and wouldn't have it any other way.  I've carried smaller notepads that fit in my chest pockets, but they've proven to be much too small and impractical.

Since I've been teaching myself the art of leathercrafting, I thought I'd throw together a case for it while working on my stitching and edge finishing.  I thought about going a little overboard with pockets, etc., but decided a simple studded starburst would suffice.

I'm really happy with it and hope to have to use it more often.