Thursday, August 25, 2011


While navigating through the Mister Freedom® website again, I realized that some items are now available for purchase directly from the site.  I may be behind the power curve, but this is news to me. 

Ordering over the phone with his knowledgeable staff can't be made any easier, but it's nice to have this added option when at 0230 you decide you want to purchase a pair of Californians.

While not all items are available for purchase online, touring the entire site for those items is well worth the "eye-candy."

I love seeing evolution photos of the Road Champs, because no two are the same.  The folks at Junky Special have published a photo of a well worn pair and it appears they've switched out the instep buckle to a more traditional, late model one.  Just my opinion, but the organic buckles were meant for these boots and the aftermarket ones don't do them justice. 

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