Monday, August 29, 2011


Back in June, I announced that John Lofgren of Shopatspeedway  will be releasing his line of footwear that will include Engineer and work boots.  Well, it looks like the tip of the iceberg has finally surfaced in the form of his Blue Suede Shoes

A bit steep at $549, but when put in perspective you'd be hard-pressed find a deadstock pair for less than three bills.  Factor in being able to find your exact size at any given moment with two tiered Goodyear welts...Lofgren's are the way to go.   Also, another big factor to consider is the low dollar to Yen exchange rate.

Pre-order now for delivery in September

Available in US D width sizes:  7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. 

"Like all John Lofgren & Co. items, a lot of thought and labor went into what we feel is simply a fine piece of footwear that will hold its own to any brand out there. The shoes are made from 1.8 mm thick blue suede leather that will last a lifetime. A full 3/4 of the insides are lined with leather and those high density rubber soles are mounted by double-stitched Goodyear welting. Shoes with Goodyear welts can can be re-soled over and over. The same hands that make these shoes are also producing some of the most expensive footwear in the world by providing custom work for professional athletes in baseball, soccer and even sumo (outside of the ring of course). There's no compromising in material or production, thus they're not cheap to make. You truly get what you pay for. Also, keep in mind these are made in Japan by craftspeople who make a real salary, John Lofgren & Co. products are never made by child or slave labor. I wouldn't have it. Period. I'm confident you'll feel the same as I do about these shoes or any product we make, after all I put my name on them and that means something to me." -John Lofgren