Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Gretsch recently unveiled their latest G6120 models that pay homage to Eddie Cochran, the man behind one of musics most influential sounds and most memoral guitars of rock n roll.  The collection includes a Tribute model replicated from Eddie's original guitar that resides at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a Signature model based on Eddie's distinctively modified guitar.

This is the Tribute model, G6120EC, and is slightly overpriced at $12K.  Now, you'd have to be a super die-hard EC fan to want to dish out this much scratch for a tribute guitar.

The Signature model bears a price tag that's a bit easier to sink your teeth into.  The MSRP is just over $3,600.  Still high considering I picked up my G6120W for a fraction of this price. 

This is why guys become guitar players.  I'm sure Eddie held hands with at least one these ladies post picture.

Top to bottom:  G6120 Eddie Cochran Signature ($3,600), G6120EC Tribute ($12,000) and my guitar G6120W (Under $2,000).

There's not much of a visual difference between the three besides the Bigsby's, but that's a five dollar can of flat gold spray can fix away.  Tonally, the more expensive guitars have better wood...even then that's fifty dollar foot pedal fix away to tweak the sound.

All in all, I'm sure it'll take some time for shops to sell the fifty limited edition Tribute guitars made. 

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