Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here's another pair of tall Engineer Boots modified to a more traditional 10" height.  These belong to Ray, and avid Engineer Boot collector and a regular contributor to this blog.

With later model Volkswagen Beetles (circa 1970's) it's hard to pin point what years they come from because the design remained the same for many years.  The same goes for Sear Engineer Boots.  Some would say these are from the 1950's and some would argue they could be 1960's or even 1970's.  Either way, these display a nice patina, perfect wear and a highly desirable profile.

The second photo reveals the condition in which they were purchased.  Ray then took them to Northway Shoe Repair in Pittsburgh to have them shortened.  The Cobbler cut out new V gussets for the top straps and used the excess leather to craft new instep straps.  By now we should all know those are custom Takeshi Okuyama buckles. 

I would pay top dollar for these boots if they were ever up for auction...and my size.  I've been told, however, that they haven't been left alone for a while, so we may never see them up on the auction block.

Thanks Ray!!

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