Thursday, August 11, 2011


Brand:  Chippewa
Circa: Late 1950's
Color: Black
Size: 9D
Hardware: Nickel
Sold For: $800.00

Here's an example of the type of boot one can have after a trip to your local Cobbler...or in this case, Mr. Zip Stevenson's shop.

This vintage pair of of "Chips" started life off as 17" boots, but after cutting them down to 11" and retaining the rare red leather top (more commonly known as "Cherry" or "Raspberry" tops), they've been transformed into something of a thing of beauty. The soles were completely redone in all Cat's Paw glory to include Zips custom double rivetted soles.

Don't let the tag design lead you to believe these are circa 1960's as they are embroidered rather than printed identifying them as being an earlier model.

Keep an eye out for a shortened pair of Sears Engineer Boots belonging to a regular contributor to my blog.

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